Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ethics for the home or small business

A useful code of ethics will have some basic ingredients such as compliance with applicable laws, conflicts of interest to avoid sexual harassment, workplace safety, environmental concerns, industry rules, regulations and practices, and the accuracy financial information.

Be careful though, as a culture or norms of society can not be the same as yours. For example, some sites require that "special incentives" will be paid to obtain or operate. Or it may be that the oppression of people is when a business will occur. What will be rules to prevent this? The code of ethics should address these issues.

The code of ethics should fit the personality, values ​​and mission of small business in particular. As confusing as it may sound, ethics is a very personal thing.

For example, a person may think it is unethical (at least that person) to sell a product of questionable value, while others say that the value determination made by the purchaser and retain the good of the sale would not be ethical. (This example assumes that no fraud or misrepresentation occurred.) Will be helpful if you can include your stakeholders in the development of appropriate parts of its code of ethics, thereby obtaining a second opinion.

In the examples that have been said, the codes of ethics were in place, but were ignored, not understood, or people involved justify their crimes as "the good of everyone." So I just have a code of ethics is not well enough. Post your code of ethics and establish an information system that could include the acceptance of anonymous complaints.

While you do not foster a culture of "gossip, stories and rumors" have a way to inform someone about any ethical violations you see. The most important thing is to show others that you live by the code of ethics. Living by a set of high values ​​to meet the trust and confidence in the business and you. So many customers are willing to discuss areas of interest to you.

Do not act on ethics violations off even the best intentions of their efforts as failing to announce and support their code of ethics for its stakeholders, this makes your code virtually negligible.

In making its code of ethics policy, specify what the consequences are with lapses and violations. His leadership will be tested as they struggle to keep their trusted persons to ethical conduct. But it's worth a lot.